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  Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League where you can follow the results of your favourite players and teams that play locally in the Wandsworth area of London as well giving you information of places you where you can play Table Tennis.

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All the top teams through in the cup competitions

     All the top 1st division teams got through in the 1st round of both cup competitions. In the Chairman’s Cup, which is based on players individual ratings so matches are handicapped to even things out, some teams were given a bye through to the second round but the closest the division 2 teams got to winning was St Pauls “C” who lost to Wilton 5 – 4 in a very tense encounter. The star of the night was Emiliano Laghi (pictured) who managed to win his 3. York Gardens “A”  battled their way past XXIV Club “B” to win 6 – 3, whilst 1st division title rivals Vale “A” also had to fight in beating York Gardens “C” 6 – 3.  Despite the heavy head start they had to give away - York Gardens “B” managed to defeat St Pauls “D” 5 – 0. St Pauls “A” came through 5 – 2 against Vale “B”. St Pauls “B”, XXIV Club “A” and York Gardens “D” were all given byes into the next round.  The Presidents Cup (straight knock out competition) saw 5 teams given a bye into the quarter finals; York Gardens “A” and “B”, Vale “A” and “B”, and St Pauls “A”. The only two matches were pretty straight forward with St Pauls “B” winning 7 – 0 against York Gardens “D” in their first ever match, and XXIV Club had a walk over from St Pauls “C” who failed to get enough players on the night.  CLICK HERE TO SEE CUP DRAW

Division 1:  St Pauls “A” destroy their “B” team to move two points behind Vale “A”

     St Pauls “A” absolutely destroyed their “B” team in the local derby between the two teams. Over the last few years there has been nothing between the “A” and “B” sides and indeed they have swapped which team is actually ranked as “A” and “B” but in their latest encounter St Pauls upped the ante winning 9 – 1. There were some close matches most memorably Sean Clowry taking Simon Kempton to a 5th end. For the record the winners were for the “A” team Paul Rowley and Simon Kempton both going unbeaten, with Rob Barr winning 2. For the “B” team Mike Nash had a great win over Rob and was their only winner, with both Clark Geddes and Sean Clowry very narrowly losing out.  The closeness of the 1st division for teams placed between 3rd to 7th is one of the best things about the league this year as you never know who will win and so proved the case when Wilton played York Gardens “B” which ended up in a draw. For Wilton; Emilano Laghi and Richard Evans played well to come away with two wins each, and Paul Couper had a terrific win over Linford Akoto. For York Gardens “B” their not so secret weapon is Waqar Hussain who again went unbeaten, Mike Noble won 1, and Linford Akoto who has adapted to the 1st division really well was unlucky this time losing his 3. York snatched the doubles to draw the match.  York “A” showed the advantage of being at home as they beat XXIV Club “”A” 6 – 4. Star of the night Jose Silva who won his 3, ably supported by Rob Campbell who won 2 and Captain Joe “the Don” Leone who won 1. For XXIV Club “A” Adeel Ahmed won 2, and there was an excellent win for Peter Sinclair over Joe Leone, Shaun Case (pictured) lost his 3, but Adeel and Peter teamed up to take the doubles and snatch back an extra point.

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Division 2:      XXIV Club “C” hold Vale “B” to a draw

    XXIV Club “C” managed to hold Vale “B” to a surprise draw in what is turning out to be quite a competitive division 2. As always for Vale Tom Coady was the anchor man winning his 3, and there was one win apiece for Harry Greatwood and Don Stevens. For XXIV Club Veronica Anglin and Bob Tidbury both put in excellent performances to win 2 matches each, with Martha Cuddy losing her 3, Bob and Veronica took the doubles to draw the match.  York Gardens “C” look to be in position to move to the top the table after a positive 7 – 3 win over their “D” team. For the “C” team Krzys Brzezinski (pictured) was man of the match going unbeaten, but there was two good wins for Mark Lewis, with Sajid Patel winning 1. For the “D” team Juan Diego Cordaba played really well to win 2, Jacob Soodean won one and Juan’s little brother Danner Cordaba was unlucky on the night, but watch out as he is getting better fast! The “C” team were awarded the doubles.  The St Pauls derby between “C” and “D” had some interesting results but the two man “C” team ended up winning 6 – 4. For the “C” team Luke Pomaro was unbeaten, and Felix Whitechaple won 2 and together they took the doubles to win the tie. For the “D” team Joseph Guven showed he is getting use to league play as he beat Felix Whitechaple and took a game off of Luke, Paul and Alex Dracup lost their matches but again there are positive signs of improvement.

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Goodbye to Ian McCarthy, the legend of the Wandsworth League retires after 50 years!

     The expression “legend” is bandied about quite often these days but in the case of Ian McCarthy it rings true. He has an amazing 50 years of organising table tennis in South London behind him and managed to keep the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League alive through some of the most difficult times the sport has seen. His decision to retire from running the league means he will cut back a little on travel as Ian currently lives over 40 miles away from the league! He has held the role of Chairman, General Secretary, Match Secretary, Tournament Organiser and Cup Competitions organiser over the years. He has actually been a member of the league since the mid 1950’s when he started playing in it as a teenager. He has successfully run many different clubs and teams and today is still running St Pauls TTC, even though he moved to Kent some years ago he still does a 90 mile round trip to Wimbledon every week.  On the organising league committee side his first involvement was in 1967 when he became the General Secretary of the league, then almost twenty years later in 1986 he took over as Chairman of the league after Keith Hurlock retired. In 1987 he organised the closed championships and continued to do so until 2012 when Mike Loveder took over. In addition to all this he ran the 2 cup competitions as well. John Llewellyn took over Ian’s various roles in May this year and said “Ian’s contribution to the league is immeasurable and quite frankly I doubt that the league would have survived without Ian being there to keep it going, to say we are going to miss him is a huge understatement”.

If you are interested in playing Table Tennis look up one of the clubs in Wandsworth where you can join in. Players of all skill levels are welcome for coaching, practice or match play, from beginner to national level. Click this link to see clubs in Wandsworth.