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  Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League where you can follow the results of your favourite players and teams that play locally in the Wandsworth area of London as well giving you information of places you where you can play Table Tennis.

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Goodbye to Ian McCarthy, the legend of the Wandsworth League retires after 50 years!

     The expression “legend” is bandied about quite often these days but in the case of Ian McCarthy it rings true. He has an amazing 50 years of organising table tennis in South London behind him and managed to keep the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League alive through some of the most difficult times the sport has seen. His decision to retire from running the league means he will cut back a little on travel as Ian currently lives over 40 miles away from the league! He has held the role of Chairman, General Secretary, Match Secretary, Tournament Organiser and Cup Competitions organiser over the years. He has actually been a member of the league since the mid 1950’s when he started playing in it as a teenager. He has successfully run many different clubs and teams and today is still running St Pauls TTC, even though he moved to Kent some years ago he still does a 90 mile round trip to Wimbledon every week.  On the organising league committee side his first involvement was in 1967 when he became the General Secretary of the league, then almost twenty years later in 1986 he took over as Chairman of the league after Keith Hurlock retired. In 1987 he organised the closed championships and continued to do so until 2012 when Mike Loveder took over. In addition to all this he ran the 2 cup competitions as well. John Llewellyn took over Ian’s various roles in May this year and said “Ian’s contribution to the league is immeasurable and quite frankly I doubt that the league would have survived without Ian being there to keep it going, to say we are going to miss him is a huge understatement”.

Cup Matches kick off the new season

    The President’s Cup and Chairman’s Cup matches kick off the new  season of the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis league. In the President’s Cup there 11 teams competing, 5 teams have been given a bye into the quarter finals they are; reigning champions York Gardens “A” (pictured), Vale “A”, St Paus “A”, York Gardens “B”, and Vale “B”. The match between XXIV Club “A” and St Pauls “C” has already been awarded to XXIV Club “A” as St Pauls struggled to get a team out. York Gardens “C” are at home in an interesting encounter against Wilton, and St Pauls “B” have the young York Gardens “D” squad to take on.

In The Chairman’s Cup, there are a lot of changes this year as the league is trying out an individual rating system for players and a new scoring system that has been piloted successfully in the closed championships. The new scoring is to use the normal 11 up but with the added jeopardy of a sudden death point if the score reaches 10 all. So at 10 all whoever wins the next point wins the game. The new individual rating system has given every player a handicapping appropriate to their playing standard, as example the current number 1 ranked player in the Wandsworth league is Andy Sanders who is a”0” rating which means if he plays somebody on a “5” rating would have to give that player a 5 head start in an 11 up game. 13 teams compete in this year’s cup they are; XXIV Club “A”, St Pauls “B”, and York Garden “D” all getingt byes into the next round. York Garden “B” verses St Pauls “D”, Vale “A” take on York Garden “C”, Wilton are at home against St Pauls “C”, St Pauls “A” at home against Vale “B”, and lastly York Gardens “A” play XXIC Club “B”.

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Division 1:  York Gardens “A” and Vale “A” still favourites but XXIV Club “A” could cause a surprise

     This season in division 1 there are two changes that might keep things competitive. The first change is the extended season with teams playing each other 3 times over, so there will be 18 matches compared to last year when there was only 12. The other change is the return of the XXIV Club “A” back in the 1st division after many years in lower divisions. York Gardens “A” and Vale “A” will still be favourites but XXIV Club “A” with Adheel Ahmed on form could definitely cause a surprise or two.The team line up for this season is as follows; York Gardens “A”, Isma’il Miller is Captain and he has confirmed both Leo Veinsreider and Mark Philipsz but no one else yet. York Gardens “B”, are again Captained by Joe “the Don” Leone, Avenash Shamloll and Jose Carlos have been registered with more to come. Vale “A” is the same as last year with Ron Brown (Captain), Andy Sanders, Doug Taucher and Wojtek Czubek. St Pauls “A” who got stronger as the season went on are comprised of; Rob Barr (Captain), Simon Kempton, Paul Rowley, Elvis Pratt and Peter Lyall. St Pauls “B” have John Llewellyn (Captain), Mike Nash, David Paez, Sean Clowry and new recruit Victor Gonzalez (brother of Christian Gonzalez who use to play for York Gardens “B”). XXIV Club “A” are led by Adeel Ahmed (Captain), Remi Alaka, Sean Case, Steve Sin and the happy return of Peter Snclair. Finally, Wilton now only have one team and they are; Paul Couper (Captain), Richard Evans, Erik Jeanpierre, Emiliano Laghi and Zain Baig (pictured) who makes the big step up to the 1st division.

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Division 2:      Vale “B” looking to get back into division 1, but not without a fight!

    Vale “B” will be looking for quick return to division 1 this season but it won’t be without a fight! Led by the unorthodox but always dangerous Tom Coady, along with Peter Fenner and Don Stevens, they have an interesting mix of styles that will cause difficulty to a lot of teams. York Gardens “C” are on paper the favourites but they may well be without their Captain from last season - the talented Linford Akoto. They should still have Sajid Patel and Mike Noble which might be enough to see them get top spot. St Pauls “C” have gone through a lot of changes and are now led by the up and coming Josh Blagden, with Captain Felix Whitechaple, Francis Edge makes a very welcome return to the team and the new recruits from last season Stephan Israel and Sasha Berdovic fulfil the line up. Luke Pomaro might make the odd appearance for them and would be one the divisions top players if he does. York Gardens have entered a “D” team this year to be Captained by isma’il Miller (who can’t play for them), he promises that the team will be made up of junior players and will make use of the new rule change of playing best of 3 games for juniors rather than best of 5 which should speed up matches. XXIV Club have two teams in the division with the “B” team run by Peter Klocek (Captain) with last year’s team of; Beatnik Rubaine, Chris Chikwendu, Simon Jessop and Tim Cooke. With the experience they gained last season they could be the surprise in the pack. The XXIV Club “C” team is actually the old Heathfield side who have jumped ship and joined XXIV Club, it is run by Mike Bright with the usual Heathfield suspects; Bob Tidbury, Andy Brooks, Martha Chuddy, Ken Burgess, Warren Low and Veronica Anglin who I suspect will be very competitive from the start. Last but not least we have St Pauls “D” Captained by Paul Dracup with his son’s Felix Dracup and Alex Dracup, they have additional members  Daniel Lajda and Joseph Guven. Last season was a baptism of fire for them playing competitive table tennis for the first time, and I have to give a great deal of credit to them for coming back for more.

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If you are interested in playing Table Tennis look up one of the clubs in Wandsworth where you can join in. Players of all skill levels are welcome for coaching, practice or match play, from beginner to national level. Click this link to see clubs in Wandsworth.