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  Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League where you can follow the results of your favourite players and teams that play locally in the Wandsworth area of London as well giving you information of places you where you can play Table Tennis.

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Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League Rankings

Doug Taucher the surprise Christmas number 1!

    The latest Wandsworth & District table tennis league ranking have been released and the surprise Christmas number 1 is Doug Taucher (pictured) who plays for Vale, in 2nd place is the talented and very dangerous Adheel Ahmed who plays for the XXIV Club, only 10 points separate the top two, Adheel is also the highest ranked division 2 player having been unbeaten this season. Richard Evans of Wilton is in 3rd position just ahead of Andy Sanders, Mark Philipsz, and Wojtek Czubek. The improved York Gardens player Avenash Shamloll is in 7th place, with Anxho Pasha 8th, Zain Baig (Wilton “B”) in 9th is the youngest player in the top 10 at only 14, and Murray Wilson who plays for York Gardens “A” is 10th.       CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RANKINGS

Division 1:    York Gardens “A” go top of the table despite brilliant performance from St Pauls “B”

    With 30 points York Gardens “A” are top of the Wandsworth League 2 points ahead of Vale “A” who have 28 points. Somehow in their match against St Pauls “B” they just managed to score maximum points although 6 of the 10 matches went to 5 sets! Mark Philipsz showed his class as he went unbeaten and was man of the match for York Gardens, Anxho Pasha and Lennin Paspuel both put in great performances to win 2 each, with Mark and Lennin teaming up to win the doubles 12-10 in the 5th set against Paul Rowley and Simon Kempton and deny St Pauls a point. Simon Kempton was in many ways the star of the night winning 2 and almost beating Mark Philipsz, he described the atmosphere as a bit like playing against West Ham at home. Paul Rowley (pictured) returned to St Pauls and was unlucky against Lennin Paspuel losing 13-11 in the 5th set, whilst Rob Barr had his chances against Anxho Pasha also narrowly losing 11-8 in 5th set. There was a welcome return for the reigning Wandsworth League Open singles champion Leo Veinsreider to give York Gardens “A” a boost. With his support they beat Vale “B” 9 – 1, although the match was not without some close battles. Leo duly won his 3 to unbeaten but lost a game to Don Stevens who played out of his skin to take the first set. Mark Philipsz was his usual calm dominant self and also went unbeaten to claim the man of the match for York Gardens, Anxho Pasha won 2 and Mark and Leo teamed up to take the doubles. For Vale “B” Tom Coady showed his current form is steadily growing as he had a great win over Anxho Pasaha and took Leo to a deuce 2nd set in their encounter. Peter Fenner took a game off of Anxho and pushed Leo hard in the second set of their match. Don Stevens showed his defensive backspin game can still be dangerous to even the best players and was unlucky to lose his 3.   York Gardens “B” managed to win 6 – 4 against Wilton “A” thanks mainly to Jose Carlos who won his 3 and was man of the match, Joe Leone and Martin Rosario both beat Paul Couper and Jose and Joe teamed up to win a dramatic doubles 11-8 in the 5th set to win the match. For Wilton Richard Evans and Eric Jeanpierre were both in good form winning 2 each. Eric using his off the table topspin and dangerous serves to good effect, Paul Couper was lost his 3, although he always looked dangerous against Joe Leone narrowly losing the first game 14-12.

Division 2:               XXIV Club “A” comfortably top the division at the half way stage

    The re-arranged fixture between XXIV Club “A” and St Pauls “C” ended in an 8 – 2 victory for the XXIV Club. Back up to strength with both Adheel Ahmed and Remi Alaka both maintaining their unbeaten, Shaun Case (pictured) won 1 with Adeel and Remi teaming to win the doubles in straight sets. For St Pauls “A” both Luke Pomaro and Clarke Geddes won 1 each with Josh Blagden narrowly losing out to Shaun Case 11-8 in the 5th set. The derby between the XXIV Club “A” and “B” ended not too surprisingly in a win for the “A” team but for the first time this season they didn’t score maximum points. The “A” team is still 2 points ahead of every other team and they have a match in hand against St Pauls “C” which means they could be as much as 8 points ahead by the time they have completed all their matches. In the derby both teams were not at their full strength, the “A” team missing Remi Alaka and Tom O’Malley, and the “B” team was without Beatnik Rubaine. Adeel Ahmed and Steve Sin (pictured) were on duty though and Adeel was his usual lethal self winning his 3 without losing a game, Steve Sin won 2, Mike Bright filled in as the 3rd player and lost his 3, Adeel and Steve teamed up to win the doubles and the match 6 – 4. For the “B” team Peter Klocek was the star winning 2 including beating Steve Sin, Simon Jessop and Tim Cooke both performed well winning 1 each. After beating St Pauls “D” last week Wilton “B” continued their good form with a convincing 9 - 1 over Heathfield which moved them up to 4th place in the league table on 20 points equal with XXIV Club “B” but on a 1 set difference in for a and against. Both Hassan and Zain Baig were unbeaten for Wilton with Humza Baig winning 2 plus they took the doubles. For Heathfield Harry Greatwood was their only winner, both Bob Tidbury and Martha Chuddy narrowly losing out in their matches.   

If you are interested in playing Table Tennis look up one of the clubs in Wandsworth where you can join in. Players of all skill levels are welcome for coaching, practice or match play, from beginner to national level. Click this link to see clubs in Wandsworth.