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  Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League where you can follow the results of your favourite players and teams that play locally in the Wandsworth area of London as well giving you information of places you where you can play Table Tennis.

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XXIV Club “A” beat York Gardens “B” 5 – 1 to take Chairman’s Cup

    XXIV Club “A” took what is sure to be the first of their multiple titles this season by winning the Chairman’s Cup 5 – 1 against York Gardens “B”. It was a rousing final and XXIV Club brought along their supporters to cheer them on who weren’t disappointed as there was some brilliant table tennis on both sides of the net.  The first match saw Sean case prevail against an at times inspired Joe “the Don” Leone, XXIV Club had a 6 point start which was a bit farcical at times, although Joe  did manage to take a game off of Sean. Next up was the unbeaten Adeel Ahmed (pictured) who is quite clearly the best combination bat player the league has seen since Laikram Persaud. Adeel took no time in beating Phil Marlow, and was followed by Remi Alaka beating Avenash Shamloll to make it 3 – 0. Adeel was up again this time against Joe who at times showed amazing hitting, but Adeel’s real secret weapon is not  different spins from his bat but his forehand, as he hit winners off countless balls that were well below net height, this made the score 4 – 0. Avenash managed to beat Sean Case to pull the score back to 4 – 1. It was only a temporary reprieve as Remi finished the match off beating Phil Marlow.  The President’s Cup Final is at the end of the season on the Thursday 23rd March at St Pauls, between York Gardens “A” and Vale “A”.   


Division 1:                        York “B” dominate Vale “B” with 10 – 0 victory

    Vale “B” have yet to score a point in division 1 this season and were handed another demoralising defeat at the hands of York Gardens “B” who were unstoppable on the night winning 10 – 0! For York Gardens it was the regular trio of Joe Leone, Avenash Shamloll and the talented touch player Philip Marlow who were all unbeaten. For Vale “B” it was Tom Coady, Peter Fenner and Don Stevens on the losing side, although 5 of the 10 sets went to a fourth game, with Peter Fenner taking a game off of both Joe Leone and Philip Marlow.  The return match of St Pauls “A” vs Wilton “A” was a cracker that went down to the wire but this time St Pauls “A” came out on top 6 – 4. For St Pauls David Paez had a great win over Richard Evans and Eric Jeanpierre, John Llewellyn beat Eric and Emiliano Laghi, with Mike Nash also winning against Eric, David and John took the doubles in the 5th set to win the match. For Wilton Richard Evans showed a return to form winning 2, and was ably supported by Emiliano Laghi who also took 2, Eric who was last week’s star against top team Vale, wasn’t able to produce the same form this week but was unlucky to lose his 3. Top team of the division Vale “A” were ruthless against St Pauls “B” scoring with a vicious 9 – 1 victory at home. For Vale it was Andy Sanders, (still yet to be beaten) Doug Taucher and  Wojtek Czubek all on song with only Wojtek losing out to Paul Rowley, both Rob Barr and Simon Kempton lost their matches. In what was billed as “fight night” the local derby between St Pauls “A” and St Pauls “B” proved to be just that a fiht to the end with the “B” team again coming out on top 6 – 4. For St Pauls “A” John Llewellyn took man of the match going unbeaten, Mike Nash narrowly lost his 3, but Sean Clowry (pictured) who has now been promoted to the “A” team did well to beat Rob Barr. For the “B” team Paul Rowley and Elvis Pratt who was filling in last minute for Simon Kempton both won 2 each with Rob Barr winning 1 and Paul and Rob winning the doubles to win the match.

Division 2:                     Wilton “B” grab a draw against York Gardens “C”

    St Pauls “C” drew with Wilton “B” to maintain their 3rd position in division 2. For St Pauls “C” it was Luke Pomaro who was man of the match winning his 3, with good support from the improving Josh Blagden who won 2, Stephen Israel lost his 3 but it is still early days in his first season of league table tennis and he is progressing every time out. For Wilton “B” Zain Baig (pictured) was the star winning 2 with 1 win each from Hassan and Humza Baig, plus they took the doubles to draw the match. York Gardens “C” marched through St Pauls “D” 10 – 0 and are pretty much confirmed to finish second in the division even at this stage of the season.  For York Gardens “C” it was Mike Noble who seems to have made a welcome return to playing matches, Chris Reynolds and Dr Sajid Patel who were all undefeated. For St Pauls “D” Stephen Israel, Felif Whitechaple and Alex Dracup were on the losing side.  Heathfield faced the mighty XXIV Club “A” and went down 10 – 0 against the champions elect. For Heathfield it was Bob Tidbury, Martha Chuddy and Andy Brooks who were on the receiving end. For XXIV Club “A” it was Adeel Ahmed, Sean Case, and Steve Sin conquering all before them.  The local derby between St Pauls “C” and St Pauls “D” was won not surprisingly by St Pauls “C” in dominant fashion 9 – 1. Luke Pomaro, Josh Blagden, and Clarke Geddes taking control of proceedings for St Pauls “C”. For St Pauls “D” Paul and Felix Dracup and the other Felix (Whitechaple) represented the “D” team, in a kind gesture the “C” team gave them the doubles.  York Gardens “C” had another clean sheet for the second week in a row this time winning 10 – 0 against Heathfield. For York Gardens “C” it was again Mike Noble and Dr Sajid Patel, joined by team captain Linford Akoto. For Heathfield it was the welcome return of Ken Burgess, with Harry Greatwood and Warren Low.

If you are interested in playing Table Tennis look up one of the clubs in Wandsworth where you can join in. Players of all skill levels are welcome for coaching, practice or match play, from beginner to national level. Click this link to see clubs in Wandsworth.